Role of Technology

By Abdul Rehman Jami

Yes, when no one is there to hear you out and understand what you have to say or what you have to share, when you decide not to share it with anyone anymore, you just pick up your cellphone and start surfing the social media apps with those friends you have never even met in real life, you don’t even know if they are your real friends or not, or even they will be there with you if you need them. Yes we all feel alone sometime even if we are standing in a crowded place with hundreds of people, our eyes doesn’t find someone regular, someone we are use to see everyday or want to see, so our cellphone helps us in every situation. No matter what we do but we use it and pass our time to avoid every awkward person comes to us for an attention, or we start making calls randomly to people which we were planning to do it for weeks. Some smart ones or I can say rude ones like me! Yes… *don’t get jealous* starts playing games in a cellphone in public to avoid people coming and start talking about anything just to kill the boring bird. Well…when we are at home we have choices of technologies, starting from TV, Laptop, Gaming consoles or Home theater to make our living room a live concert stadium. Yes we love technologies because they help us not to move forward in this world only and stay connected but also from getting lonely in different places and periods specially at nights, Nights right ! Imagine it’s 3:00 AM and you can’t sleep, you don’t have any Cellphone, Laptop or TV and you don’t like reading books, well personally I would survive because I love books but what about you… so basically technology is your first friend who helped you, then you pick which clown from social media is more loyal, available to talk and can listen to you for an hour. Keep loving the technology and stay away from it’s disadvantages. It all depends on your mind and thinking that if you really work something amazing using the technology, making or creating something different even on small or large levels or you are just another mentally normal person who uses technology for watching porn or breaking trust of people after making pinky promises on social media. Think something different out of your mind and out of your comfort zone, technology is a wide open platform, use it, create it then show them what you got and how you are different from others but do it which will help people not bother them. God created us with unique talent, You can’t have my talent and I can’t have yours so why don’t we start doing what we were made to do by using this brilliant platform…….TECHNOLOGY

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